By heck! We love a bit of feedback!

Some of our guests have just returned from the Lake District and had this to say….

“The property was absolutely beautiful, and it was very much appreciated. We went with our daughter and her partner and spent a lovely week together. I hadn’t had a day or even a hour to myself in 15 months so I really appreciated the break away from home. We can’t get over how much you have all done for us. The break away was absolutely lovely.”

Happy days 🙂

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We are in the process of issuing our first newsletter! Hurrah! The plan is to try and keep as many people as possible interested and informed about what we are doing.

If you have stumbled across this and would like to join our mailing list……..we would love it! We promise to just forward information about A Bit of a Break. Newsletters, fundraising, events…..that sort of stuff AND absolutely nowt else.

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