Here we like to place some of the lovely comments from people who have spent time away through  A Bit of a Break. We don’t do what we do to get this sort of feedback, its really only about helping people to grasp precious time….

Firstly when I received my diagnosis this June I could not imagine having a family holiday that may have to be cancelled dependant on my condition. To be offered such a generous and stress free holiday was very kind indeed. It has been 19years since we have all holidayed as a family and so to take this most generous offer has enabled us to have a marvellous time to create lovely memories for us all.

Our son has taken my condition quite badly, whilst we were together in your beautiful holiday home I was able to help him come to terms with my illness and to understand that he will be taking on new responsibilities in the future.

My family and I have been truly humbled by your generosity and we wish yourselves and the charity the very best with this wonderful scheme as it will offer others a chance to benefit from a much needed holiday as we have.


Words cannot express our gratitude, the serenity and release I have and my family have felt for this much needed break is amazing. I cannot thank you enough and pray for your continued presence for other people like myself who has managed to have a wonderful memory forever.

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