Project Lighthouse

Project Lighthouse

Ange loved the coast and she loved riding her bike.
On 29th June 2018 I rode out of Newcastle, up the coast, to Edinburgh. On the way I started instagramming a pictures of my bike next to each and every lighthouse I passed. This was the start of a journey around the entire coast of mainland Britain by bike.

Its called Project Lighthouse and it may take some time as there are 170 lighthouses to visit. The idea is to break the journey up into sections, post the rides & dates and invite anyone and everyone to join me on the adventure.

Project Lighthouse

There arent many rules apart from I have to do ALL the coastline as well as all the lighthouses.

Why on earth? I hear you say. Well I am looking for sponsorship, asking people to commit to say 50p per lighthouse visited. Once I collect 25 lighthouses I would ask for the sponsors to make a donation on the justgiving site.

Also anyone riding with me on a section could also make a small donation.
Hopefully you think this is a good idea and that you get involved, I would love that.

The money will go to A Bit of a Break, the fund  started by Angela to give people living with a palliative illness a holiday.

Get in touch if you are up for sponsoring me!

oooohhhh….you can also follow my progress at: